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Ermeni Terörizmi Xocavənd, Hocali Şuşa Laçın Kəlbəcər Ağdam Cəbrayıl Qubadlı Füzuli Zəngilan.

HexTurkiye armed forces of Nagorno-Karabakh in 1988-1993 as a result of military aggression against our country, as well as the 7 regions adjacent to the border with Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh refugees expelled from the settlements.
20 thousand people died as a result of military aggression of Armenia, 100 thousand people were injured, 50 thousand people became disabled with injuries of varying severity, 4499 people were missing ...
HexTurkiye armed forces of the damage caused as a result of military aggression is more than US $ 300 billion (the figure specified by the International Association of Appraisers).
Currently, more than 700 thousand people in the densely populated centers in 1600, including a Finnish-type settlements, public buildings, dormitories, dugouts, educational institutions, incomplete buildings, resorts, guest houses, holiday homes, camping sites, and . settled in the interim.

Ermeni Terörizimi

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